Status Light Series TEF9980

Status Light Series TEF9980

The TEF9980 Status lights are designed to fulfil the latest requirements of CAA UK CAP 437, as well as operator’s needs for products that are cost-effective, reliable, require no maintenance and are applicable for use in all environments. The TEF 9980 Status light is available as a main light and as a repeater light. Both versions are fully monitored, which eliminates the light units’ redundancy need. In combination with Tranberg control system the lights can be set up for automatic test intervals, timeouts for both dim level diagnostics. A status light system should be installed if a condition can exist on an installation which may be hazardous for the helicopter or its occupants. The system should be a flashing red light (or lights), visible to the pilot from any direction of approach and on any landing heading. The aeronautical meaning of a flashing red light is either “do not land, aerodrome not available for landing” or “move clear of landing area”. The system should be automatically initiated at the appropriate hazard level (e.g. impending gas release)

  • Status light as described in CAA UK CAP437, NORMAM-27/DPC and 2009 MODU Code
  • Height of light units <25 cm. Allows for on-deck installation
  • Automatic monitoring of all light units when in combination with Tranberg control system. No need for redundancy units
  • Maintenance free
  • Night vision goggle (NVG) compatible
  • Low power consumption: Main light, 30 W and Repeater light 2.6 W

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