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Hydrogen is extremely versatile. As an alternative energy source for volatile wind and solar energy, it accompanies us in to the energy & heating transformation. In the future, hydrogen may be used for supplying CO2-neutral electricity and drive power in fuel cells and combustion engines. in Industries, it has long been an important raw material anyway - for ammonia production and as a coolant, for example. Its wide range of applications should not obscure the fact that handling hydrogen harbours potential hazards. Only those who master these hazards can produce and use this climate-neutral gas with a clear conscience.

Because hydrogen is very easily combustible, mixtures with oxygen between 4% and 77% of hydrogen by volume can explode from the smallest spark or a hot surface or any other ignition source. Due to its high hazard potential, hydrogen is classified in category ignition group IIC, which includes the most explosive gases. The requirements for the construction and operation of hydrogen generating plants should be high.

Steam reforming is still the most common method. Alternatively, hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water. Not only electrolysers and steam reformers, but also upstream and downstream processes such as transport and storage, must be designed and operated safely in accordance with legal requirements. As hydrogen must be kept in a controlled environment, only equipments that does not act as an ignition source or equipments with appropriate ATEX measures may be used in Ex Zones in the facilities and their surroundings.

This combination of primary and secondary explosion protection acts as a safety net. However, it is only effective if the Ex Zones have been correctly classified according to the explosion hazard that prevails in each case as well as if only approved solutions in the appropriate type of protection are used there. Thanks to our many years of experience with hydrogen R. STAHL can not only contribute the necessary components and system solutions, but also provide support in the safety-related design of the system.

Hydrogen producers will find everything they need in the "one-stop shop" - from suitable components to system solutions. Including the necessary knowledge in the form of seminars, webinars as well as individual consulting and engineering services at our sales locations worldwide.

R. STAHL contributes its comprehensive expertise in every case: for maximum safety in hydrogen production.

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Protect hydrogen electrolysers during production

Our technologies protect electrolysers from any ignition of the free H2 that is being produced there

Explosion hazards in steam reformers

Several explosion hazards could occur at the same time as steam reformers turn gas into hydrogen


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