Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch R. STAHL


Ethernet-APL Field Switch for Zone 1 and Zone 2 installation

Ethernet-APL (Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer) is the new 2-wire solution for Ethernet in the process industry. It makes fast Ethernet available down to field level and in hazardous areas, which is the only way to make the consistent digitalisation of processing systems a reality.

The main component for installing Ethernet-APL systems is the Ethernet-APL field switch. The field switch combines the two basic functions: "Ethernet switch" and "Ex i isolator". The field switches are robust and ruggedised for use in the harsh environment of the process industry and, depending on the version, it can be installed in hazardous areas of Zone 1 or Zone 2.


Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch Highlights R. STAHL

Salient features of the Ethernet-APL field switch

  • Linking, distributing and managing data flows in the Ethernet network.
  • Supplying the connected field devices with intrinsically safe auxiliary power.
  • Robust design for direct on-site installation in Zone 1 or 2.
  • Integrated diagnostics function: Error diagnostics, status messages, operating information.
  • Bridging distances of several kilometres (optional, fibre optics for Zone 2 versions).
  • Migrating existing systems with PROFIBUS PA devices, thanks to integrated PA proxy.
Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch R. STAHL

100BASE-TX Ethernet

2 x RJ45 (Zone 2) 3 x Ex e terminals (Zone 1)

100BASE-FX Ethernet

option: 2 x SFP (Zone 2)

Redundant supply

wide range 19,2-57,6 V DC

Local diagnoses

extensive diagnostic information with OLED display

Integrated humidity measurement

measurement of humidity in the field housing

For field installations

rugged aluminium housing

Various port profiles

12 x profile A and 4 x profile A + B or 16 x profile A

External temperature measurement

Ex i, Pt100 in 2-wire circuit

16 Ex ia Ports 2-WISE/FISCO

for Ethernet-APL devices and for PROFIBUS PA devices

The field switch – your diagnostics centre in the network

Ethernet-APL field switches automatically provide a wide range of diagnostic options, both for communication and the physical layer of the installation:

  • Monitoring the network quality via signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), analysis for each port.
  • Detection of cable faults and precise position information using time domain reflectometry (TDR analysis) for each APL port.
  • Unbalance detection.
  • NE107-compliant alarm messages (current, history).
  • Detailed port status (link, supply current, short circuit, cable breakage).
  • Frame and failure counting, lost frames (per port).
  • LLDP information, MAC address table, CPU capacity utilisation, network load.
  • Integrated measurement of field switch temperature and measurement of the temperature (ext. Ex i Pt100) and humidity in the field enclosure.

The diagnostics can be accessed in various different ways:

Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch Diagnosis LED OLED R. STAHL

Local display using status LED and OLED

Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch Diagnosis Webserver R. STAHL

Service access on integrated web server

Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch Diagnosis Communciation Protocal R. STAHL

Integration into automation systems

Ex Ethernet-APL Field Switch Diagnosis R. STAHL

Plant asset management integration

Suitable for new as well existing applications

Ethernet-APL is not only the ideal solution for new systems with Ethernet infrastructure; it can also benefit existing installations, especially when combined with the R. STAHL Ethernet-APL field switches, which include a "translator" for PROFIBUS PA devices. And our Ethernet-compatible IS1+ Remote I/O system is available for conventional 4 to 20 mA installations in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

  • Support for all Industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, HART-IP and OPC UA.
  • Operation of PROFIBUS PA field devices at the field switch via integrated PA proxy.
  • Combined operation of PROFIBUS PA and "PROFINET over APL" at the field switch.
  • Support for PA profiles 3.02 and 4 and manufacturer-specific GSD.
  • IS1+ Remote I/O for Zone 1 and Zone 2 is also bringing the 4 to 20 mA/HART basis to Ethernet.


Everything from a single source

Ex Remote I/O Ethernet-APL R. STAHL
The combined package – Ethernet-APL and remote I/O

We offer special field stations for combining Ethernet-APL with conventional field devices.

These can be used to install, for example, up to three Ethernet-APL field switches either

by themselves or together with IS1+ Remote I/O. The station is available for hazardous

areas of Zone 1 or Zone 2 – and it goes without saying that it can be tailored to meet your

specific needs.

The perfect combination: Ethernet-APL and remote I/O

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