Digital outputs for solenoid valves, 4 & 8 channels Digital outputs for solenoid valves, 4 & 8 channels

Digital output modules

Efficient modules for digital output signals in hazardous locations
R. STAHL's digital output modules (DOM) are suitable for connecting up to eight intrinsically safe solenoid valves or pilot lights. The outputs are designed for operating various different solenoid valves and in certain configurations are also suitable for SIL 2 output shut down. Relay outputs for non-I.S. signals or integrated pilot solenoid valves also feature in the range.

Digital output modules (DOM) can be used to operate four or eight intrinsically safe solenoids, hydraulic valves and indicator elements. The Ex ia/ib intrinsically safe output characteristics are optimally configured for a wide range of solenoid valves. An I.S. control input for the Plant-Stop switch (IEC 61508 up to SIL 2) is also available for the Zone 1 and Class I Div.1 versions.

The I.S. outputs are short-circuit proof and galvanically isolated from the system.
A blue LED and diagnostic messages provide early warnings that maintenance is required in order to avoid system downtime.
The Zone 1 and Class I Div.1 versions have additional LEDs for each channel to indicate any line faults and the switching state.

In addition, there are versions with relay outputs for non-I.S. solenoid valves and with eight integrated pilot solenoid valves for direct pneumatic connection.

  • Efficient: Four or eight channels for virtually all solenoid valves (I.S., explosionproof), or alternatively with integrated pneumatics
  • outputs intrinsically safe, Ex eb/non incendive or pneumatics for installation in Zone 1, 2 and Class I Div.1, 2 – separate control input for SIL 2 plant-stop
  • Hot-swappable: Can be replaced while the system is in operation in explosive atmosphere

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