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Uncompromising protection: safety switches

R. STAHL is a competent and reliable supplier of explosion-protection products and systems. Our products are certified in accordance to ATEX and IECEx approvals as well as NEC.

The safety switches which are a part of the installation and control product portfolio are specially designed for hazardous environments. As the name says, safety switches have one main focus: safety.

Ex safety switch features R. STAHL

Features of the Safety Switches

Universal use

Standard and VSD-controlled drives


Modern Technology

Comply with IEC/EN 62626-1 class 1



Enclosures made of GRP or stainless steel



3-way lockable switching handle

Our easy to use units comply with IEC/EN 62626-1 Class I, making them exceptionally reliable and resilient even in extreme conditions. Their motor switching capacity also conforms to categories AC-3 and AC-23, DC-1 and DC-23 according to IEC/EN 60947-3. They can therefore be used to switch off both directly powered and VSD-controlled machine drives, quickly and reliably.

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FAQ Safety Switches

Why could the lid of the safety switch enclosure be opened in „ON“ position only?

Safety switches are used to protect people who will work on the switched off part of the machine. The handle is 3-times padlockable in “OFF” position. It is necessary to take care that an unauthorised person could not switch on.

What do I have to consider when I have a frequency converter-controlled (VSD) drive?

Using R. STAHL safety switches you have to check if the 20ms lagging NO-AUX is OK for the VSD and if a lagging AUX is installed or could be retrofitted. All actual types ?40A are retrofitable.

What is necessary if the customer cable diameter is larger than the maximum clamping range of the switch?

In addition to the safety switches with direct wiring to the terminals of the load disconnector we can configurate and deliver customer specific versions too.

What is the meaning of Safety Switch according to IEC/EN 62626-1 class 1?

Safety switches according to this international rule are fulfilling some special criteria. Some of the criteria are beyond the ones for the testing of load disconnectors IEC/EN 60947-3:

  • Load disconnector with a switching capacity AC-3 at specified electrical data.
  • IK09 impact resistance.
  • IP rating IP65.

Top 3 benefits of using safety Switches

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Keep your workers
safe and protected

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Protection during maintenance, cleaning
or repair

Ex reduce downtime production R. STAHL

Reduce the downtime
in your production