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The complexity of machines and advanced systems have increased. Sub-processes need to be seemlessly integrated. Rapid and reliable transmission of signals and data is essential. In this evolving market, R. STAHL provides sophisticated technology for automation applications in explosive atmospheres: E.g. Zone 1 and Zone 2 remote I/O systems. These are highly modular and versatile. The adaptable system integrates to the users needs. Many modules with intrinsically and non-intrinsically I/O are available to fit all needs. Suitable for incredibly demanding applications and harsh environments. Process data, like temperatures, flow and levels, are consistently and quickly transmitted from Zone 1 or Zone 2 to control systems. Remote I/O systems can also efficiently operate actuators, such as solenoid valves and positioners in hazardous areas.

Explosion protected Remote I/O systems from R. STAHL are suitable for diverse functions and the harshest of industrial environments. They are a preferred solution for virtually all tasks in the process industry. This linked graphic of built-in features illustrates the advantages of remote I/O technology installed in hazardous areas for control compared to conventional "point to point" installations.

  • Up to 90% space savings:
    No bulky switch and distributor cabinets in the control room.
  • Up to 50% cost savings:
    Savings in material and working time for field wiring.
  • Up to 25% faster:
    Extensive functions for simplifying commissioning on-site and remotely.
  • Up to 12 months earlier:
    Integrated diagnostics provide an early warning of failures and avoid system downtimes.
  • 100% HART 7 transparent:
    Fully compatible with conventional and HART-enabled field devices and hardware.

For procurement and installation (CAPEX) and operation (OPEX) there is no more cost-effective solution.

Remote I/O product overview

Ex Efficient R. STAHL

IS1+ offers significant cost savings compared to other solutions

Ex extended optimised R. STAHL

IS1+ is continuously being extended and optimised

Ex increases availability R. STAHL

IS1+ increases the availability of your systems

Remote I/O now with double efficiency

We are the market and technology leader of remote I/O system IS1+. One reason for this leading role is the further development of the system. The latest generation supports twice as many I/O signals in zone 1 as before. Likewise, multi-protocol support for PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and OPC UA can also be used in Zone 1 now. The high efficiency of the new CPU platform also makes our modern remote I/O systems ideal for use in modular systems with the Module Type Package (MTP).

Ex Remote IO System CPU Power Modul R. STAHL

CPU & Power Modul

Ex Remote IO System Redundant Modul R. STAHL

High availability

Ex Remote I/O System OPC UA R. STAHL

More functionalities

Ex Remote I/O System Grafic R. STAHL


with either copper or fibre optic cables, intrinsically safe Ex i in zone 1

Multi-protocol CPU


4-, 8-, 16-channel I/O modules

for Ex i and non-Ex i signals

Field enclosure

in STANDARD, STANDARD+ and customer-specific

Detachable screw and spring clamp terminals

Extensive integrated diagnostics + predictive maintenance

Integrated Ex i supply

for 16 I/O modules in zone 1 and 2

The benchmark in process automation: IS1+ Remote I/O

Continuous development ensures that the Remote I/O System IS1+ is, and remains, the market leading solution. International certificates for explosion protection and ship building is a statement of confidence. The IS1+ System is used over the world in Zone 1, Zone 2, Division 1, and Division 2 areas.

Other advantages of the IS1+ include:                                    

  • Easier installation, quicker commissioning and shorter maintenance times.
  • Can be used in extreme environments of -40 °C to +75 °C and are thus also suitable for offshore systems and LNG tankers.
  • Long service life of at least 15 years even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Detailed diagnostics ensure safe operation and enable predictive maintenance.
  • Can be combined with other products and technologies regardless of the manufacturer and process control system or controllers.
  • Flexible and easy to use in virtually any automation system or network.

IS1+ is thus the ideal solution for your automation tasks and control coordinator in the process industry.

Remote I/O product overview

IS1+ fits everywhere

Ideal for extending or building installations, the IS1+ Remote I/O Systems is suitable for control and applications in hazardous areas or harsh industrial environments. R. STAHL's IS1+ is found throughout the world in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, machine building, food & beverage and oil & gas industries. It is also perfect for areas where space is constrained and weight matters, such as on FPSO and LNG tankers. Many I/O-modules allow the system to adapt for different environments and situations.

Remote I/O for maritime applications


The IS1+ Remote I/O System contains support for Ethernet-based network communication protocols and connectivity (PROFINET, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP but also PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RTU). For each, HART transmission and FDT/DTM support is, naturally, included. The required protocols can be easily set up by the users themselves. Storage is then reduced for industrial applications with different automation systems. This multi-protocol functionality allows for flexible migration and thus simplifies modernisation.

Ex Remote I/O System Profinet R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O System Ethernet R. STAHL

EtherNet / IP

Ex Remote I/O System Profibus R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O System Modbus TCP R. STAHL

Modbus TCP

Ex Remote IO System HART EN R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O System OPC UA R. STAHL


Ex Remote I/O System Online Arena R. STAHL

Come into the R. STAHL online arena

Remote I/O experience
Ex Remote IO System Ethernet-APL R. STAHL

Ethernet-APL: The benchmark for digitalisation

Data transmission without limits
Ex ethernet fiber optic cable R. STAHL

Network Technology: Seamless and wireless

Ex automation stahl4automation R. STAHL

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