Decoupling, filtering and signal adaptation with non-Ex i isolators Decoupling, filtering and signal adaptation with non-Ex i isolators

Non-Ex i isolator

Safety and a wide range of signal conditioner isolators
Isolators featuring galvanic separation can be used for decoupling, filtering and signal adaptation. The non-Ex i / non-I.S. isolators are a perfect addition to R. STAHL's isolating barriers with intrinsically safe interface. The dual-channel versions offer a high channel density.

To make your life easier, R. STAHL's ISpac isolators use pac-Bus: All you need to do is snap the device onto the DIN rail and pac-Bus and it is already connected to the power supply; line fault siganliazation is easy to read.

Our non-I.S. isolators are also designed to be user-friendly in operation: Two-channel modules for all functions save space, and the three-way reporting of wire breakage and short circuiting speeds up diagnostics. They also boast an impressively long service life of 15 years. And their certification for use in ships' engine rooms bears testimony to their robust construction.

R. STAHL's ISpac isolators are designed with functional safety in mind. These products conform to SIL 2 and SIL 3, including devices with trip amplifier function.

  • Compact: Time-saving system for wiring: pac-Bus
  • Trip amplifier functions for SIL applications up to SIL 2
  • HART-capable

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