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Can "lighting" be designed? It not only can be done, it has to be done! Especially when it is for the Ex-hazardous areas, emergency lighting or escape route lighting is defined by laws and directives

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Lighting design from R. STAHL ensures that we create a complete 3D model of your plant with the perfect lighting design as per your requirements. Among other things, the lighting design is used to determine the total requirement of luminaires, to show you the optimum installation position and light distribution, to define the best luminous flux and the lowest power consumption.

This design also takes occupational health and safety as well as general safety into account, to ensure compliance to, for example, EN 12464 and EN 60598-2-22 or other international standards at all times. During lighting design, demands from the builder of a plant that could impact the safety. With a professional lighting design from R. STAHL, you will always be on the bright and safe side and will not have to face any dark surprises.



  • Reduced project schedules when implementing lighting systems.
  • Avoidance of shadow formation due to incorrect installation.
  • Conformity to standards and thus smooth TÜV acceptance.
  • Customised lighting system design in terms of uniformity, number of lighting points and/or total power consumption.
  • Cost optimisation with regards to installation (power distribution board), operation (energy consumption) and maintenance (LED technology).
  • No unplanned additional costs and no time delays due to corrective measures.


Do you want to design your own lighting system? It's really easy to create a lighting design using our free software ezyLum. Use it to import drawings, reproduce all possible building geometries, test out various lighting scenarios and then export your finished design. The design tool makes it easy for you to make a comparison, for example of the service life and maintenance intervals of various light models, and therefore accelerates the targeted selection of the relevant optimum lighting solution.

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