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Hydrogen has been used as a process gas in the petrochemical and chemical industry for many decades. Its application has recently expanded into other industries – for example to produce steel, cement or gas with low carbon emissions. Additionally, potential applications in the domain of mobility and heating show promising possibilities.

Explosion-protected products and systems as well as the associated services from R. STAHL play a key role in all of these areas. As part of secondary explosion protection, they prevent the ignition of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures. These mixtures are particularly critical from a safety perspective, as they are explosive in a wide range between 4 vol% (lower explosive limit, LEL) and 77 vol% (upper explosive limit, UEL) of hydrogen. Hydrogen is assigned to the most hazardous explosion group – IIC – alongside acetylene and carbon disulphide. This means that even minimal amounts of energy released in the form of electrical or mechanical sparks must be avoided wherever explosive mixtures of hydrogen and air may occur.

R. STAHL offers products and systems with the following types of protection for this purpose: Flameproof enclosure (Ex d), increased safety (Ex e), intrinsic safety (Ex i) or pressurised enclosure (Ex p), or a combination of different types of protection. Alongside control systems and power supplies for machines for use with hydrogen technologies, the portfolio also includes status monitoring and alarms for said machines, as well as lighting for the area around the system. Thanks to its many years of practical experience in various industries which produce and use hydrogen, R. STAHL has sound knowledge of the equipment required to handle it safely. In recent decades, the company has also acquired the necessary expertise for further applications. For example, it has been equipping hydrogen refuelling stations since 1999. Current applications pose new challenges in terms of safety, as they are by their very nature more accessible to the public than industrial systems.


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Clean refuelling despite extensive range

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Energy sources for climate-neutral use

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Sustainable cement production


New applications are constantly being developed for hydrogen. Existing systems are being extended or converted for operation with hydrogen, for instance filling stations for selling hydrogen. The existing safety concept and technology have to be adapted for this. R. STAHL helps hydrogen end users by offering consultancy services and suitable systems for automation, power supply and lighting. OEMs, such as manufacturers of turbines or compressors, are also provided with tailored solutions to ensure explosion protection for their systems.

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Safe & explosion-protected processing of H2 substances

Converting substances obtained from CO2 separation into new H2 energy carriers

H2: On the move with clean fuel and R. STAHL know-how

Safety-compliant equipment for mobility by road, rail, air or water

R. STAHL expertise for hydrogen-using industries

Many years of experience of real-world use such as the steel, glass and chemical sectors

Green energy, even when there is no wind

In future, hydrogen will play a key role in the mix of energy sources. Produced by electrolysis using surplus green energy, it can help to bridge gaps between power supply and demand. To do so, stored hydrogen is fed back into fuel cells if required. Additionally, the future holds the potential for hot combustion of hydrogen in suitable turbines in gas power plants, facilitating its conversion into power. Preparation for the "fuel switch" is already underway in many places. "H2-ready" is the key word when it comes to converting power plants to green hydrogen as soon as it is available in sufficient quantities and at an affordable price. Suitable burners, gas turbines and hydrogen-tight conduits, for instance, must be used. Many energy suppliers and technological companies are working intensively on tackling this challenge.

Alongside machine control systems and switchgear, signalling devices, solutions for status monitoring and functional safety, as well as lighting, are used from R. STAHL's explosion-protected portfolio. This comprehensive product range ensures a reliable and stable power supply for systems, all of which meet the necessary ATEX/IECEx approval standards. R. STAHL further supports its customers by providing the necessary services throughout the system's entire life cycle.



Many user groups discover hydrogen, for example as a substitute for fossil fuels or for the power generation in fuel cells. They have high safety requirements – we ensure them. Take advantage of our expertise and our versatile portfolio of certified products for hazardous areas to realise your safe hydrogen solution.

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