Ex Automation HMI CCTV Customised Projects R. STAHL

R. STAHL HMI - Customized Projects

HMI application-specific solutions – for hardware and software

For our HMIs to operate optimally in your system they sometimes need to be customised - their hardware or software. R. STAHL HMI's support centre looks after this process from start to finish – from the initial consultation, engineering, adjustment of the HMI to migration. It is our job to ensure that R. STAHL's HMIs are ideally integrated into your production system.

Hardware - Mechanical Concepts

Ex Automation HMI SHARK Rigfloor R. STAHL

SHARK rigfloor station with Hawke connectors

Ex Automation HMI SHARK Joystick R. STAHL

Portable SHARK with joystick – rigfloor

Ex Automation SHARK Connectors HMI R. STAHL

SHARK with special interfaces

Ex Automation Desktop Solution HMI R. STAHL

Desktop HMI solution – chemical production

Ex Automation ORCA Duo Monitor HMI R. STAHL

ORCA dual monitor solution

Ex Automation ORCA Mobile HMI R. STAHL

ORCA as a mobile solution

Ex Automation MANTA Duo Monitor HMI R. STAHL

MANTA vertical dual monitor solution

Ex Automation HMI HSG Pharma R. STAHL

R. STAHL HMI pharma wall enclosure

Hardware – surface treatment

The required surface quality of on-site HMIs depends on the local ambient conditions. R. STAHL has a great variety of options on offer, ranging from coatings and special paint to electropolished enclosures.  Other surface treatments available depending on technical feasibility.


Ex Automation HSG Coating Chemical Industry R. STAHL

Special enclosure coating for a chemical company

Ex Automation HMI Keyboard Coating Chemical Industry R. STAHL

Special keyboard coating for a chemical company

Ex Automation HMI HSG Stop Switch R. STAHL

Special enclosure paint

Ex Automation HMI HSG Cleanroom R. STAHL

Electropolished housing for cleanroom application

Software solutions

On the whole, a system's requirements and complexity determine which software will be selected. We provide solutions for every type of requirement – for complex Thin Client structures we recommend our proprietary REMOTE HMI firmware, or, as an alternative, the IGEL software. If you want your HMIs only configured with an operating system, we recommend Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC – of course, we can also realise solutions without an operating system or PXE boot. HMIs intended for machine operation are usually equipped by us with Movicon 11, and for all other types of software configuration requirements we will also find a satisfactory solution. Get in touch.

Ex Automation Software Solutions HMI R. STAHL





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