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About this explosion protection blog

In a few words

As a market leading explosion protection supplier, we have been committed to making people and systems safer for more than a century. We are keen to share our expertise and years of experience with you through this explosion protection blog.

The aim of this blog is to inform you, our dear readers, about topics relating to explosion protection, to make you aware of issues concerning the safety of people, machines, systems and the environment, to answer your questions, to keep you up to date with future trends, to explore new perspectives, to share our expertise, and to give you an insight into the everyday work of an explosion protection expert. The content is all first-hand knowledge and experience from R. STAHL staff in a range of departments within the company. This variety is reflected in the content of the posts, which are divided into three categories:

  • Basics
    In this section, you can find basic knowledge about explosion protection and issues that may play a role in hazardous areas.
  • Innovation and trends
    Explosion protection is an ever-changing field. Here, you can read first-hand accounts in which our experts explore current trends to see which stand out from the rest.
  • Insights
    R. STAHL specialists are active members of a number of national and international committees – here, they provide a look behind the scenes of their work. This section also includes fascinating interviews to broaden your horizons.

We hope you will find our posts interesting and rewarding, and look forward to receiving your feedback. We are always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions – they help us to improve and to ensure that the content of our blog aligns closely with your interests. Please contact us if you would like to know more about a specific topic. The R. STAHL blog also offers guest authors the chance to make their voices heard. We look forward to hearing your suggestions for posts.

Blog guidelines

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