Fieldbus Isolating Repeater Series 9185/12

The 9185/12 series fieldbus isolating repeater can be used for the galvanically separated transmission of communication signals. It prevents any compensating currents and protects easily damaged terminal equipment from transient coupling, thereby ensuring undisturbed signal transmission for R. STAHL PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU and service bus. The RS-232 interface allows a PC to be connected.

  • Simple, front-end parameterization
  • Bit refresh function improves signal quality
  • Adjustable transmission speeds of 1.2 kbit/s and 1.5 Mbit/s - automatic with PROFIBUS DP
  • Field interface non-Ex i

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Fieldbus Isolating Repeater Series 9185/12

Art. No.: 227600 Product Type: 9185/12-45-10s
Signal types: RS-485 non-Ex i
Product Description: Fieldbus Isolating Repeater ISpac
Grid dimension: 35.20 mm
Connection type: Screw terminal
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