pac-Carrier Series 9195

The Series 9195 pac-Carrier is a cost-effective solution for connecting Ex i field devices to common I/O modules of distributed control systems or programmable logic controllers. The extremely robust carrier is suitable for 8 or 16 standard ISpac isolators and can process 32 signals, including a combination of Ex i and non-Ex i signals. It can be adapted to accommodate new I/O modules at any time. The carrier can be combined with the 9192 HART Mux.

  • Prefabricated system cables make it quick and easy to install – simply snaps onto a DIN rail or mounting plate
  • Can be used for Emerson Delta V, Schneider Foxboro/Tricon, Honeywell C300, Siemens ET200M and ET200F, Yokogawa Centum VP and ProSafe-RS
  • Every 91xx ISpac isolator can be used in the pac-Carrier

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