Ethernet extender

The UB03-Z1-CON-UTP is an Ethernet extender that can be used to extend the LAN copper cables' limited distance of 100 m to up to 250 m (1x twisted pair).A fixing frame for the installation of the extender is included in the delivery of the UB03-Z1-CON-UTP.Available counterparts are the VI-UTP-2300A Ethernet extender PoE or the series UTP Vigitron extender with identical construction.The UB03-Z1-CON-UTP devices' immunity level corresponds to "Industrial Grade", that of the Vigitron Extenders to "Commercial Grade", according to the manufacturer.

  • Ethernet extender for Zone 1, Zone 21, EPL Gb, Db
  • Extension of the distance for Ethernet copper cable connections

Filter product lines

Application range (zones)
Transmission path
Remote station
Type of protection (IP)

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