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Our latest version of the REMOTE HMI Firmware was developed for highly secure and permanent process communication - AUTOMATIC RECONNECT, FALLBACK MECHANISM and ETHERNET REDUNDANCY as well as various error messages and diagnosis tools are integrated.To be able to benefit fully from the advantages of this industrial-grade firmware, from the field to the control room, we have now launched the IBPC Dell Wyse Box PC. This Thin Client for the control room has been configured with the Remote HMI Firmware, ensuring a high degree of communication security from the control room to the on-site Thin Client.

  • The IBPC Dell Wyse for the control room ensures secure process communication from the field to the control room
  • With integrated REMOTE Firmware on the basis of Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Integrated UWF and FORM filter
  • Powerful Intel Pentium Silver processor N6005 with 8 GB RAM
  • Dual-monitor operation and resolutions up to state-of-the-art Ultra-HD 4K

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