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Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5

The 6009 series EXLUX emergency luminaire is suitable for use as safety lighting. It is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. The battery is housed in the external enclosure and powers the emergency lighting for 1.5 or 3 hours. If one lamp is faulty, the luminaire switches to the working lamp. When the central lock is opened, the luminaire is always disconnected from the power supply at all poles.

  • Can be used in Ex Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Two fluorescent lamps: 18 W and 36 W
  • Weekly function test and annual emergency light duration test


Description Document Type Language
Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5 Data Sheet pdf 880 KB
Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5 Data Sheet
pdf 866 KB
Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5 Data Sheet
pdf 288 KB
Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5 Data Sheet
pdf 870 KB
Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps EXLUX Series 6009/5 Data Sheet
pdf 277 KB
Scope Certificate number Certification body Kind of document Product Variant Language
ATEX PTB13ATEX2015 PTB Ex Certificate 6009
pdf 1.5 MB
ATEX 600960020010 PTB EU Declaration of Conformity 6009
pdf 272 KB
BRA ULBR150865 ULB Ex Certificate 6009
pdf 1.0 MB
CHN CNEX170462X CQST Ex Certificate 6009
pdf 1.1 MB
EAC TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00309 STV Ex Certificate 6009
pdf 1.3 MB
IECEX IECEXPTB130059 PTB Ex Certificate 6009
pdf 82 KB
MARITIM TAE00001A0 DNVGL Ship certificate 6009
pdf 185 KB
MARITIM 44227A0BV BVIS Ship certificate 6001 6009
pdf 271 KB
Description Product Variant Language
0000000000000600960300010_001_01.pdf 6009
pdf 1.6 MB
0000000000000600960300030_001_01.pdf 6009
pdf 1.6 MB
0000000000000600960300040_001_01.pdf 6009
pdf 1.7 MB
0000000000000600960300050_001_01.pdf 6009
pdf 1.7 MB
222456_mounting_bracket.DXF dxf 43 KB
222456_mounting_bracket.EPRT EPRT 150 KB
222826_mounting_rail.DXF dxf 40 KB
222826_mounting_rail.EPRT EPRT 129 KB
222827_ceiling_and_wall_mounting_bracket.DXF dxf 48 KB
222827_ceiling_and_wall_mounting_bracket.EPRT EPRT 153 KB
222456_mounting_bracket.PDF pdf 708 KB
222826_mounting_rail.PDF pdf 604 KB
222827_ceiling_and_wall_mounting_bracket.PDF pdf 594 KB
222456_mounting_bracket.IGS IGS 3.1 MB
222456_mounting_bracket.STEP STEP 1.3 MB
222826_mounting_rail.IGS IGS 2.3 MB
222826_mounting_rail.STEP STEP 1007 KB
222827_ceiling_and_wall_mounting_bracket.IGS IGS 4.2 MB
222827_ceiling_and_wall_mounting_bracket.STEP STEP 1.6 MB
6009-36_W.DXF dxf 103 KB
6009-36_W.EPRT EPRT 38 KB
6009-36_W.STEP ifc 1015 KB
6009-36_W.PDF pdf 187 KB
6009-18_W.DXF dxf 89 KB
6009-18_W.EPRT EPRT 37 KB
6009-18_W.STEP ifc 837 KB
6009-18_W.PDF pdf 180 KB
225723_6009522-9617-1611-7-2794.ies ies 132 KB
225723_6009522-9617-1611-7-2794.ldt ldt 227 KB
225723_6009522-9617-1611-7-2801.ies ies 36 KB
225723_6009522-9617-1611-7-2801.ldt ldt 48 KB
225723_6009522-9617-1611-7.uld uld 1.3 MB
225725_6009542-9617-1611-7-2851.ies ies 37 KB
225725_6009542-9617-1611-7-2851.ldt ldt 48 KB
225725_6009542-9617-1611-7-2857.ies ies 134 KB
225725_6009542-9617-1611-7-2857.ldt ldt 216 KB
225725_6009542-9617-1611-7.uld uld 872 KB

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