pac-Bus Series 9294

The pac-Bus 9294/31-12 supplies 30 to 50 ISpac devices of series 92xx. The auxiliary power can be fed into the pac-Bus segment via the terminal set 9194/50-01. The supply module 9193/21-11-11 can alternatively be used for a redundant supply and for reading out the collective error message. The pac-Bus can be clipped onto DIN rails NS 35/15 and NS35/7.5. The pac-Bus 9294/31-12 can be combined with pac-Bus 9194/31-17.

  • ISpac devices are quick to wire, reducing costs
  • Can be installed on standard DIN rail without tools by simply snapping into place – can be expanded at any time
  • Suitable for industrial environments subject to vibration

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pac-Bus Series 9294

Art. No.: 262928 Product Type: 9294/31-12
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