Ex hmi gmp cleanroom R. STAHL

HMI for GMP and cleanrooms

For installation in safe areas (non-Ex)

The new MANTA GMP HMIs are operator stations for installation in cleanrooms and GMP areas in safe environments (non-Ex areas). We have developed the devices together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), based on our extensive experience with HMIs and taking into account all applicable standards and directives.

As a result, the MANTA GMP HMIs can be installed in all GMP environments as well as in most cleanrooms and in food environments (up to grade C cleanrooms according to EHEDG and EU-GMP).

Featuring 24" multi-touch displays, these human-machine interfaces are available as Panel PCs or Thin Clients.

Ex hmi system R. STAHL


All Manta GMP operator stations are designed for installation in cleanrooms up to grade C. High-quality surface and sealing materials, tried and tested and put to diverse uses worldwide, are used to ensure that the GMP and cleanroom requirements are met.

Ex GMP compliant display HMI R. STAHL

GMP-compliant display integration

Ex enclosures without edges HMI R. STAHL

Enclosures without edges

Ex all gaps sealed HMI R. STAHL

All gaps sealed in line with GMP requirements

Ex hygiene compliant polyester keyboard HMI R. STAHL

Hygiene-compliant polyester surface


Our MANTA GMP HMIs are flexibly constructed so that we can tailor the devices to meet individual system requirements. Below are some examples of actual, system-specific solutions: We are happy to discuss other customised solutions with you.

Ex mobile solution HMI R. STAHL

Mobile solution

Ex double terminal HMI R. STAHL

Double terminal

Ex desktop solution HMI R. STAHL

Desktop solution



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