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For decades, the only explosion protection technology available in North America was the cast metal enclosure systems designed for Class I, Division 1 environments, also known as NEMA 7 explosionproof enclosures. Today, more than 3/4 of hazardous location installations are done in Class I, Division 2 locations. R. STAHL is excited to present their Class I and II, Division 2 Circuit Breaker Panels. These panels are designed to reduce cost on installation and maintenance, while extending the life of the panel and minimizing safety risks.

R. STAHL's technology provides explosion protection of the breaker itself. This clever design reduces the need for heavy cast metal enclosures and conduit seals. It minimizes safety risks caused by incorrect installation such as wrong torque on the bolts or improperly poured conduit seals. It will dramatically cut installation and service labor costs while maintaining safety integrity.

When designing power distribution panels for lighting systems, heat tracing, or overall machinery, there is more than one option to choose from. If installing in a Class I, II Division 2 or Zone 1 for USA or Canada, R. STAHL has the right solution for you. Choose from below or contact us to discuss your specific application.  




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