Audible and visual signalling device up to 120 dB(A) / LED / 5 J, ALU, Series YL60/3

The YL60/3 product series provides audible and visual alarm signals which can be used to alert, warn or draw attention to equipment malfunction/start-up or any number of safety-related issues in hazardous areas. The preconfigured signal tones and light patterns (LED) provide a wide range of internationally standardised signal patterns. The audible and visual signals can be operated separately or in combination, with four channels available for each type of signal, enabling flexible use. The signalling devices meet the requirements of EN 54 and DNV for extremely challenging ambient conditions.

  • The latest generation of audible and visual alarm devices
  • Ex d/Ex e connection chambers
  • Visual solutions with 5 to 21 J XENON and high-power LEDs with various light modes and 4 light channels
  • Audible solutions with directional or omnidirectional horn with up to 120 dB(A) at 1 m, 4 tone channels and 64 preconfigured tones
  • Four output levels can be configured
  • Brackets, fixings and protective grid made from stainless steel
  • Compliant with EN 54/DNV
  • Fastening bracket and protective cage included

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