Analogue inputs/outputs with HART, 8 channels

Analogue I/O modules

Universal modules for analog inputs and outputs (AIOM) in hazardous locations
Analog input? Analog output? With R. STAHL's universal modules (analog I/O modules, or AIOM for short), anything is possible: Each of the eight channels can be used individually as either an input or an output, transmitting the data in both directions to connected HART field devices. The inputs/outputs for 0/4 to 20 mA and HART are "ia" intrinsically safe and short-circuit proof.

HART analog universal modules can be used to connect up to eight intrinsically safe analog signals (0/4 to 20 mA) to the IS1+ remote I/O system. Digital communication with connected field devices can take place in both directions using the HART protocol.

Each channel can be used as an input for connecting two-, three- or four-wire transmitters, or as an output for connecting positioners or indicators. The I.S. inputs/outputs are short-circuit proof and galvanically isolated from the system.

A blue LED and diagnostic messages provide early warnings that maintenance is required in order to avoid system downtime.
The Zone 1 and Class I Div.1 versions have additional LEDs for each channel to indicate any line faults.

  • Multi-functional: Each channel can be used individually as an input or an output
  • Versions with Ex ia intrinsically safe inputs/outputs for installation in Zone 1, 2 and Class I Div.1, 2
  • Hot-swappable: Can be replaced while the system is in operation in explosive atmospheres

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