Multi-channel field device couplers for Zone 1 and 2 Multi-channel field device couplers for Zone 1 and 2

Field device coupler

Field device coupler for a variety of fieldbus applications
The couplers for operation using the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA come in four-, eight- or 12-channel versions for intrinsically safe or non-intrinsically safe fieldbus devices and for installation in Zone 1, 2 and Class I Div.2. All couplers feature an innovative power management function.

All device couplers use the efficient High Power Trunk concept and are optimized for a variety of applications.
R. STAHL's I.S. field device couplers are available with four or eight channels in two versions: A Zone 1 version version, or alternatively, a cost-optimized Zone 2 and Class I Div.2 version. All I.S. couplers are galvanically isolated and can be operated with Zone 1 and Class I Div.1 fieldbus devices using the FISCO or Entity concept.
Zone 1 Ex e couplers are suitable for four or eight non-intrinsically safe fieldbus devices. Zone 2 Ex n / Class I Div.2 NI couplers are available with four, eight or 12 channels for ic or non-incendive field wiring and non-intrinsically safe fieldbus devices.
The power management function of all field device couplers keeps the current load on the trunk as low as possible at all times. Start-up currents and short-circuit currents are kept to a minimum.

  • For FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA
  • Reduced start-up current and minimal short-circuit currents thanks to the integrated power management function
  • Easy to install and maintain thanks to the integrated terminator, shielding connection and LED indicators

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