Class I, Division 1
Remote I/O


With IS1+ Remote I/O solution, the installation in the hazardous area is easy and simple. The protection relies on each component, and because of that, the enclosure is needed only to provide environmental protection (IP). Our Class I, Division 1 solution can be installed in a NEMA 4X enclosure.

IS1+ communication modules offer the following protocols: Ethernet/IP; Modbus TCP; ProfiNET (Ethernet based) and Profibus DP (serial based).

Each communication module and power module can handle up to 8 I/O modules. Our power module is fed by a 24 V DC power source through a conduit connection for Class I, Division 1. The Ethernet based communication is done via fiber optic [op is] connection to the CPU module. The serial based communication is done via RS485-IS connection to the CPU module.

IS1+ I/O modules offer a variety of signal types, all rated for Class I, Division 1 installation. From I/O modules with intrinsically safe built-in barriers to explosionproof relays. They all can be integrated to the same system. If using pneumatic devices, our digital output module with built-in solenoid valves provides you with a compact and cost effective solution. All I/O modules can be hot swapped during normal operation while the system is energized in the hazardous areas. This can be achieved due to the innovative approach IS1+ uses on the BusRail.

  • Intrinsically safe multifunctional I/O modules for input/output and temperature signals
  • 8-channel modules for pneumatic devices
  • 8-channel module for explosionproof devices
  • HART Transparency
  • Installation on a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Innovative proactive diagnostics provide an early warning of failures by means of a blue LED and alert alarms as per NAMUR NE107
  • Wide temperature range (-4 to 149 °F)
  • Available as components or as a certified panel



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