Ex p control unit from R. STAHL

Ex p System

The new Ex p System x621 makes it even easier to upgrade an existing industrial control system for hazardous locations – with a fully automatic and reliable solution that can be easily mounted to existing enclosures.

The combination of an Ex p control unit, Ex p pressure monitors that simultaneously also function as overpressure valves, and Ex p purge valves with digital and proportional control is able to meet all requirements, from very small enclosures with a volume of 10 l to Ex p control cabinets with volumes of 4000 l. In this way, the Ex p controller makes control processes available for all control cabinet sizes and enables them to be adjusted easily to meet users' requirements. The use of a suitable number of a single Ex p pressure monitor variant reduces expenditure and work for both engineering and storage. The outstanding precision of the pressure sensors used also enables operation close to the pressure switch-off threshold, which keeps leakage to a minimum and enables extremely cost-effective continuous operation. The purge valve control, which is also integrated in the control unit, further simplifies the process in either digital or proportional mode.

  • One design for all Ex zones
  • Maximised plant availability thanks to improved airflow
  • Space-saving thanks to miniaturised design and ability to mount components externally
  • Wall thicknesses < 2 mm also possible thanks to minimised control cabinet pressurisation
  • Optimised maintenance access thanks to Ex p bypass circuitry
  • Flexible engineering thanks to modularity

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