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Plugs and Receptacles are widely use in more than non-fixed installations. The ability to safely and simply connect and disconnect equipment provides significant savings on time, simplifies maintenance activities, and reduces unscheduled shutdowns. Power disconnection flexibility becomes a challenge when working in harsh or hazardous environments. The R. STAHL family of Plugs and Receptacles overcomes these challenges by means of mechanical protection with built-in safety protection. This family of products is rated for Class I, II, Division 2, as well as Zone 1, 21 for USA and Canada.

SolConeX Plugs and Receptacles

R. STAHL's Plugs and Receptacles provide a unique solution for electrical connection in harsh (corrosive) and hazardous (classified) locations. The housing is made from non-metallic material, while the electrical contacts are made from corrosion-free and self-cleaning quality materials to ensure optimum performance. Rated for HP disconnection and up to 125 Amps in multiple different voltage configurations.

  • Ground pin always provided on plug and receptacle, eliminating the need to ground via housing.
  • 2- pole, 3- pole and 4-pole options.
  • Available for currents of 20 A, 30 A, 63 A and 125 Amp and for connection cross-sections of up to 300 kcmil.
  • Padlockable switching handle with clear position indication.
  • Safe connection and disconnection by means of mechanical protection with two-step process.
  • Auxiliary contact available for status.
  • Color and size coded depending on power ratings to eliminate cross connection.
  • Wall mount, flange mount and cleanroom solutions.
  • Class I, Division 2, Class II, Division 1 and Zone 1, Zone 21 rated as per NEC®, CEC, ATEX, IECEx.


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