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Mobile applications are increasingly in demand. Our wide range of products and services enables us to provide you with the best possible mobile solutions. Together with you we identify which mobile concept best suits your existing structure with stationary HMIs and the WiFi / 5G infrastructure. Once the mobile plan has been drawn up, we can provide our unique software support services including for 3rd-party software, consultation for software installations and comprehensive service level agreements.
Our products range from simple communication devices up to smartphones featuring the latest in 5G technology. Further product highlights include state-of-the-art tablets, 5G smartwatches and connectable scan and camera modules – suitable for Zones 1, 2, 21, 22, for the mining industry and harsh ambient conditions.
In addition to the MOBILE WORKER concept, we can design all kinds of individual solutions. Get in touch with our experts, who will be happy to help with any questions concerning mobile solutions and products: [email protected]

There is already a wide range of mobile devices. What's more important than the individual product is the design of a mobile solution. Together with you, R. STAHL will draw up the best possible mobile concept for your facility or parts of your facility. We will explain and discuss questions concerning the ideal device features, the best possible software and the integration into the overall concept in great detail, and only once you are sure what's right for you will we start developing a mobile design for you. Once we have settled on the required device performance and features, we will discuss the best possible software solution and the associated service level agreement.
Our concepts include all aspects of a mobile solution. For solutions for pharmaceutical production facilities, we adapted our REMOTE HMI software to meet the individual requirements. A new feature of our firmware is the Support Barcode, which can be scanned once to transfer all device data to our support centre.
We have a great variety of solutions in addition to the MOBILE WORKER solution. For example, some solutions involve the smartphones being used as part of the 2-factor user authentication, and for yet others we test and optimise the complete WiFi site survey.



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